Frequent~Sea  Installations

Pictures below Frequent~Sea installing equipment on the 110 foot commercial vessel Jeanne Christine for Talmadge Brothers. They own and operate the largest oyster fleet in the world. 

We at Frequent~Sea go to great heights to install and repair your equipment.
No job too big or too small.
Frequent~Sea  Consulting and Design
Frequent Sea Electronics, LLC not only installs new equipment but we do custom dash layouts. This customer had Frequent Sea reconfigure the entire dash facia panel this included relocating all the gauges and equipment. The pics show before and after.

Frequent~Sea  Custom  In House Fabrication
Pics show custom fabricated low profile mounts for Radar and Satellite TV Dome.
Frequent~Sea Electronics has the experience, equipment and knowledge to fabricate in house.
What we do:

We will come to directly to your boat and familiarize you with your equipment. 

We can teach you how to input waypoints and routes.

We can help you to interpret alarms.

We can help you learn how to tune your radar to maximize sensitivity when looking for weather and birds, taking 
you a step beyond using only automatic settings. 

We can teach you what the data output from your devices mean and show you how to read them. In essence we can help you learn what you are looking at and how it pertains to you in a way that enables you to use your electronics to their full potential.

We answer all your questions.........

Frequent~Sea Education, Training and Setup
Furthermore, we are an educational resource for novice users while providing resources for experienced end users as well. Beyond the initial introduction, we make available both private & group lessons in the use of the navigation equipment. Knowing that our satisfied clients will navigate their vessels safely, with complete confidence suits our mission, which is
teaming up with boat owners to facilitate their total enjoyment of their vessel. 


National Marine Electronics Association
Frequent Sea Electronics, LLC
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Frequent Sea Electronics, LLC
Transducer Installations

     Frequent Sea Electronics specializes in transducer installation. There are many different styles of transducers available and it is our job to match the transducer to your specific uses and to the type of boat you own. Most installations require your boat to be hauled out at your expense, which can be costly. 
     Frequent Sea Electronics has the ability to install transom mount and thru-hull transducers while the boat is on a dock lift, which are very common in South Florida. We can do this with most, but not all, installations saving you time and money.